“I’m looking for interior designers near me.”

Instead, 尝试一下modsy的在线k8彩乐园app平台吧,这是唯一一项能让你看到自己精心k8彩乐园app平台的3D房间的服务.

Why Design Your Room Online?

See Designs in Your Exact Room

Don’t imagine how your new design will look—see it. 给我们发几张你房间的照片,你的k8彩乐园app平台师会把在你的房间里进行的3Dk8彩乐园app平台寄回来.

Work With an Interior Designer Online

找一个专业的k8彩乐园app平台师,他会创造出符合你风格的k8彩乐园app平台, budget, and functional needs. Collaborate online and on your schedule!

Unlimited Design Revisions

No more playing it safe. 我们提供K8彩乐园网址多少修改,所以你可以与你的k8彩乐园app平台师工作,只要你需要. 探索你房间的可能性,并自信地致力于你喜欢的k8彩乐园app平台方案.

Work With Local Interior Designers From Anywhere

From San Francisco to New York City, 我们与全国各地的K8彩乐园网址多少合作,将他们梦想的房间变成现实. Explore some real customer testimonials from popular cities below:

Josh needed some help designing a bay window nook. With Modsy, he found the perfect solution for his space.

我们喜欢我们的Modsy体验,并使用它们k8彩乐园app平台了我们的房子中的多个房间. The technology is really cool, they’re much faster than competitors, and the designer we worked with clearly has a lot of talent. Best of all, it was only $159 to design a room.

– Josh G, San Francisco


Seeing our space in 3D was a real wow moment for us. We really liked the design options right away!

– Seb and Nic, New York

When Lindsay and her husband moved their family into a larger home, she needed more furniture to fill the space. Even more? 林赛还需要别人帮忙k8彩乐园app平台一种色彩丰富的k8彩乐园app平台,既能捕捉到家人的嬉闹,又不会让她觉得俗气.

我们知道,我们希望我们的客厅是一个舒适而时尚的地方,为我们和孩子们. The design we got from Modsy was stunning! 它k8彩乐园app平台括最壮观的地毯——我一生中从未见过比这更好的地毯——和一个有趣的粉红色突出墙!

– Lindsay R, Miami

Lana wanted help designing her space with the furniture she already had. 她的k8彩乐园app平台师把她现有的作品,创造了一个她喜欢的全新空间.

Since I don’t have an eye for decorating, I needed Modsy to design a new space for me using some of my existing furniture. 我的Modsyk8彩乐园app平台师利用了我松散的想法,为我的空间创造了一个全新的概念,甚至比我想象的还要好. Plus, the interactive website is so much fun to work with!

–Lana C, Los Angeles

When her daughter moved away to college, 安决定是时候把她的房间改造成更成熟的氛围,这样当她的女儿回到加州访问时,她就会喜欢.

I wanted to feel confident that I was making good design choices for the space. Working with my Modsy designer gave me that confidence.

– Ann G, San Diego

Carlos had a good eye for picking out individual pieces of furniture, 但他努力将自己的许多想法融合到一个有凝聚力的k8彩乐园app平台中,为他在圣安东尼奥的空公寓k8彩乐园app平台.


– Carlos F, San Antonio

Modsy vs Traditional Interior Designers

传统的k8彩乐园app平台公司很好,但并不是每个人都可以选择. At Modsy, we believe that good interior design should be accessible to everyone, 这就是为什么我们是一个很好的选择如果你负担不起当地的k8彩乐园app平台师. Here are a few ways we compare to local design alternatives!

Transparent Pricing

Local interior decorators usually charge a flat, up-front consultation fee and then an additional $50–$200 per hour, depending on where you live. And because interior design projects can take time, these fees add up fast. On average, working with a traditional home decorator can cost around $2,000 per room, and that doesn’t include what you’ll have to spend on furniture!

At Modsy, our interior design packages are priced by the room, not by the hour. 我们的整个房间k8彩乐园app平台的价格仅为159美元起,我们提供捆绑和节省更多房间的折扣.

All Online and on Your Schedule

We know you’re busy, 因此,我们将传统的k8彩乐园app平台体验带到网上,使其比以往任何时候都更加灵活和方便. 不用再提前几周安排约会,也不用提前下班去见k8彩乐园app平台师. 我们的在线平台可以让您通过手机或电脑与您的k8彩乐园app平台师进行交流, anytime, and anywhere. You’ll also get your designs sent straight to your inbox, and you can shop all the furniture and decor in one simple checkout. 这是一个100%无缝的k8彩乐园app平台体验,你可以不离开你的家.

Expertise You Can Trust + Brands You’ll Love

We’re not all different from local design firms! 虽然我们的服务是在线的,但这并不意味着我们的k8彩乐园app平台师没有什么才华. 我们亲自挑选我们当地的每一个k8彩乐园app平台师,以确保您的工作与最好的最好的带来您的项目生活.

And, just like traditional design firms, 你还可以独家接触那些通常不会向公众销售的贸易伙伴和K8彩乐园网址多少. Put another way, you’ll be able to shop unique furniture for your home, giving you a look no one else will have.

Plus Many More!

Interior Design FAQs


Interior designers do many things, but their main goal is to help you design and decorate a room you love. 他们所做的具体工作通常会根据项目的大小和范围而有所不同. 通常,一个k8彩乐园app平台师会帮助你整理和理解你的个人风格,并将这种愿景转化为现实生活中的家居k8彩乐园app平台理念. 如果你有孩子或宠物,它们还可以帮助你根据你的功能需求进行k8彩乐园app平台, and help you maximize your budget to get the most out of your money. Ultimately, 他们最重要的工作是把你的空间展现出最好的一面,把你的家变成一个你真正爱的地方.

k8彩乐园app平台是对室内进行装饰以创造一个更实用、更美观的环境. 网上k8彩乐园app平台简单地利用这种经验,并将其转移到网上(类似于网上银行或网上购物). 无论你是在网上k8彩乐园app平台你的家,还是按照传统的路线和当地的装修师一起k8彩乐园app平台, 我们的目标总是一样的——通过人们对空间的体验来改善他们的生活.

当你开始一个k8彩乐园app平台项目与Modsy,你将工作一对一的专家k8彩乐园app平台师在线. 你可以通过视频电话与你的k8彩乐园app平台师见面并讨论你的项目(想想:你的风格愿景, your budget, and needs for your home). 从那里,你可以随时使用我们的在线消息功能给你的k8彩乐园app平台师发送消息. Your designer is a real person and there to help so you can ask questions, send inspirational images, or give feedback throughout the process. Need to chat live? Set up another video call with your designer any time!

这取决于你居住的地方以及你所合作的k8彩乐园app平台师的经验水平. In general, 与传统的家居k8彩乐园app平台师合作每小时的费用从75美元到450美元不等,如果你与一位名人k8彩乐园app平台师合作,费用甚至更高.

At Modsy, 我们已经开发了尖端技术来做很多繁重的工作,让我们的k8彩乐园app平台师可以做更多他们能做的最好的k8彩乐园app平台! 这意味着我们能够降低与k8彩乐园app平台师合作的成本,并将这些节省下来的成本转嫁给你! What does this mean for your bottom line? Our design packages start at just $159 and we charge per room, not per hour. Learn more about our design packages.

Love Your Design, Guaranteed

Online interior design can be intimidating, but we’re so confident that you’ll love your design experience, that we guarantee you’ll find a design you love, or your money back!