The Best 洛杉矶k8彩乐园app平台 Service

Looking for an interior designer in Los Angeles? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond traditional interior architecture and design firms and give online interior design a try with Modsy.

The Best 洛杉矶k8彩乐园app平台 Service

Looking for an interior designer in Los Angeles? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond traditional interior architecture and design firms and give online interior design a try with Modsy.

1. See Designs in Your Exact Room in 3D

It’s easy to find home design inspiration on Pinterest. And traditional Los Angeles interior designers can deliver a 2D mood board to help guide your room’s design. But neither of these options shows you how furniture and decor will actually fit and look in your space.

Modsyk8彩乐园app平台师, 另一方面, create 3D designs of your exact room, so you can see actual furniture and decor in your space. They deliver life-like images of your space, filled with the exact pieces of furniture you love. So, whether you live in a Spanish-Mediteranian home in Beverly Hills, a craftsman bungalow in Silver Lake, or a deco building in West Hollywood, a Modsy interior designer can bring to life your vision for your home.

2. Work With an Expert 洛杉矶k8彩乐园app平台er Online

Want to work with interior designers in Los Angeles? Consider this: with online interior design, you don’t have to be limited by your location. With our online platform, you can work with expert designers from anywhere in the country. Modsy works with some of the best interior designers from Los Angeles to New York, making sure your design project gets exactly what it needs. 因为这些都在网上, you don’t have to be home for your design consultation or pause your project for a vacation. Your designer can keep working, and you can check in on your project from anywhere.

What’s it like working with an interior designer online?

我们的k8彩乐园app平台调查问卷, which you’ll take at the beginning of your project, will help your designer understand your personal style and project details. We’ll also get a handle on your budget, 生活方式, and current struggles so your designer can cater to your specific needs in your design. Throughout the design process, you can directly message your designer with questions or to request revisions, 此外,你可以购买你的外观, all from your computer or phone.

3. Get Designs 100% Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Want a home filled with style as 独特的 as you? Modsyk8彩乐园app平台师可以提供帮助. Our expert interior designers work across styles to create 独特的 designs for all of our customers. They not only tailor your designs to your personal style, but they also work with the architectural details of your home, your specific 生活方式 needs, 和你的预算.

宠物友好型家具? 明白了吗. A place to hang your surfboard? 把它做. Patterned wallpaper to make your space (and Insta posts) pop? 当然. Whatever you need to make life easier through your home’s design, a Modsy designer can deliver.

4. It’s Fast, Easy, and Completely Virtual

The Modsy design process takes place entirely online. So, no need to be home for lengthy design consultations or even take the time to measure your room. 用Modsy的iOS应用程序, all you have to do is scan your room or snap a few photos with your phone’s camera, 来做我们的风格测试吧, and fill us in on a few details of what you’re looking for.

From there, we’ll turn your images into a custom 3D model of your room. Then your designer gets to work. They design your space with real furniture and create functional layouts for you to consider, and together you hone in on your final design. And all of this takes weeks—not months. Since the whole process is virtual, we can expedite the design process and get you to a design you love, 快.

5. Reviews from Our Los Angeles Clients Speak for Themselves

While touting the benefits of our online interior design services might be compelling, we think you’d probably rather hear from a few of our happy Los Angeles clients.

Teddi Mellencamp of “真正的 Housewives of Beverly Hills,” was expecting her third child and needed some help with the nursery design and to build out a playroom for all three kids. With Modsy’s help, she got two spaces the whole family loves.

Modsy has been truly a godsend in helping us prepare not only our nursery but our children’s playroom. Everybody is happy and we are all obsessed. The kiddos don’t want to leave their new space. It really feels like theirs and I love that for them.


When they moved to a new place, Kristen and her partner didn’t have time to shop for furniture. With the help of their Modsy designer, they found a quick and easy way to design a home they both loved.

Modsy helped us find the perfect layout for our space, discover awesome furniture that matched our style, and helped us feel confident in making big purchases.

P -克里斯汀.

Lana wanted help designing her space with the furniture she already had. Her designer took her existing pieces and created a brand new space that she loves.

Since I don’t have an eye for decorating, I needed Modsy to design a new space for me using some of my existing furniture. 我Modsy designer took my loose ideas and created a whole new concept for my space that was even better than I could have envisioned.  Plus, the interactive website is so much fun to work with!


6. Try on Popular 洛杉矶k8彩乐园app平台 Styles

Modsyk8彩乐园app平台师 are pros at helping you uncover your personal style and bringing it to life in your space. And they happen to be great with trendy and timeless Los Angeles design styles. Curious what the three most popular LA interior design styles are? 继续读下去.

洛杉矶k8彩乐园app平台ers Love…


You don’t have to live in West Hollywood to design your home in 好莱坞的魅力 style. In fact, this style is popular across the LA metro (and far beyond). This bold and dramatic style brings a luxurious and 独特的 flair to your home. With ornamental and metallic accents, plus plenty of animal prints and and other patterns, this style is perfect for those who love a glamorous vibe.


本世纪中叶现代 has always been one of Modsy customers’ favorite design styles, both in Los Angeles and across the country—and for good reason. This streamlined but liveable style prioritizes comfort, but it definitely doesn’t sacrifice style. 充满温暖的木质色调, 明亮的颜色, 和有机的形状, 本世纪中叶现代 offers a classic West Coast look. But it’s far from cookie cutter. It’s easy to personalize this look with some eclectic elements!


放荡不羁的 style is all about bringing a 独特的 and eclectic look into your home. With an informal mix of decor and furniture styles, this look gives your home a laid back and approachable vibe. The use of 明亮的颜色 and patterns and a good dose of natural materials means you can personalize this style to your heart’s content.

What’s your interior design style?

7. More Affordable Than Traditional Design Firms

On average, traditional interior design firms in LA charge $130 per hour. And you can bet it’s going to take more than a couple of hours with an interior designer or interior decorator to complete your project. In fact, on average in Los Angeles, a design project costs $11,000, not including furniture.

Compare that to a per room cost of a Modsy design package, which starts at $159.

This flat rate includes custom 3D images of your room, one-on-one calls and chats with your Modsy designer, K8彩乐园网址多少k8彩乐园app平台修改, plus access to exclusive discounts on the furniture and decor in your space.

8. Design Confidently With Unlimited Revisions

Online interior design may feel risky—but we’re so confident you’ll land on a design you love that we have a satisfaction guarantee and offer unlimited revisions, 免费. (Though, we’re also pretty confident you won’t need quite that many.) On average, Modsy customers go through 2-3 revisions before finalizing a design they love. But even if it takes more than a couple revisions, your designer will keep at it until it’s 100% right. This is our little way of giving you peace of mind that you’ll land on a design you love.

The initial designs you receive from your Modsy designer are just the starting point. 一旦你收到它们, you get to work with your designer to tweak and adjust the look and feel of your space until it’s perfect for you. And then the really fun part: you get to shop your designs and bring your room to life!

9. Design With Brands You’ll Love

We’ve carefully curated a selection of brands that our Los Angeles customers love. 通过你的Modsyk8彩乐园app平台, you’ll not only get to try on furniture from brands you already know and love (think: West Elm, k8彩乐园app平台范围内, CB2), but we’ll also give you access to exclusive, 独特的, 和很难找K8彩乐园网址多少. Our team works tirelessly to find the best of the best, hand-selecting the brands we work with based on value and quality. So, you can feel confident knowing that every piece in our digital catalog was carefully selected with our customers in mind.

10. The Whole Process is Online

Consider us your home decor and furniture concierge. Rather than trekking all over LA to shop for furniture (and battling to find parking in downtown LA, 圣塔莫尼卡, 或西好莱坞), you can shop with confidence from the comfort of your home.

Since Modsy’s whole process is online, not only are your designs delivered virtually but you also get to shop tons of brands through one simple and streamlined checkout. We have a dedicated ordering team that will help coordinate your purchases, make sure you’re getting the best discounts and deals, plus help you out with shipping, 交付, and even returns if they’re needed.

Love Your Design, Guaranteed

Online interior design can be intimidating, but we’re so confident that you’ll love your design experience, that we guarantee you’ll find a design you love, 或者把钱拿回来!